Retain offers automotive finance companies unapparelled functionality aimed an increasing and monitoring client retention
Retain offers complete workflows for finance companies customised to your specific requirements.
Equity Valuations
Instant equity position valuations, know your clients position and tag potential changeover clients.
Digital Lead Handoff
Instantly handoff pre-qualified leads directly to you dealers and live track lead progress.
Dealer Engagement
Enhance your interaction with dealers and boost new sales while fostering loyalty.
Improve client retention with inbuilt AI driven analytics and flow monitoring.
Retain stands as a distinctive market proposition, delivering an unparalleled and tailored solution designed to elevate client retention for finance providers operating in the automotive industry.

At the heart of our offering lies cutting-edge software that serves as a catalyst for transforming the client retention process. Our software excels in meticulously evaluating equity positions on leases, offering finance providers a crystal-clear understanding of the opportunities at their disposal. This capability equips them with the knowledge to make informed decisions and implement strategic measures to retain their invaluable clients.

A standout feature of our software is its remarkable ability to pinpoint potential new vehicle buyers within a finance provider's existing customer base. Leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics, we identify individuals who exhibit a high likelihood of upgrading their vehicles. This precision allows finance providers to extend personalised invitations to these clients, fostering a sense of exclusivity and active engagement.
Furthermore, our software orchestrates a seamless, fully digital process for both buying and selling vehicles. This end-to-end digital journey ensures clients can navigate with utmost ease and convenience. From exploring available options to securing pre-approval, our platform simplifies every step, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.
Proven Technology
Used by Global OEM Finance companies.

35% increase in retention rates after adoption of our technology.
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