Market is designed for wholesalers, large dealer groups and branded organisations seeking to digitise their car transaction process.
Multi Platform
Operates on web, iOS and Android.
Yours to control, your brand, your users, complete control.
Revenue Generating
Use market in increase your revenue with annuity revenue streams.
Optional integration of our Pay product for invoicing and payment collection.
So Much More
Market has so many features that enhance the user experience, auto bids, reserves, auction or tender, post sale negotiation.
Market presents an exceptional opportunity for you to establish and manage your very own wholesale car trading platform, complete with live auctions and tenders, accessible through web, iOS, and Android apps, all bearing your unique brand.
Market empowers companies to assume complete ownership and authority over their trading platform, from the branding and design aspects to seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. This enables perfect alignment with your corporate identity and values.

The benefits of independently operating and overseeing your market trading platform are substantial. You gain the ability to enforce your own rules, regulations, and policies, ensuring that the platform harmonises seamlessly with your business objectives and strategies. Moreover, you exercise full control over the user experience.

Yet, Market is more than just about aesthetics and functionality; it's about embracing ownership and autonomy. It affords you the opportunity to cultivate and nurture your trading community, or digitise your existing community within a familiar and trusted environment, enhancing your brand's image by demonstrating your unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Whether you operate as a wholesaler, rental company, fleet organization, or a larger dealer network, Market can save you time, reduce costs, and even open up additional revenue streams. Explore the potential of Market and seize command of your trading platform like never before. With customisation, ownership, and partnership at its core, Market stands as the ultimate solution for businesses aiming to excel in today's fiercely competitive market.

Market powers Flipacar, you can see it in action here:
Proven Technology
Market has powered Flipacar for over 3 years
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