Market is designed for wholesalers, large dealer groups and branded organisations seeking to digitise their car transaction process.
Pay provides an escrow service for payments, providing a level of protection to both buyer and seller.
Digital Handshakes
Funds are only released after digital handshakes are completed.
API driven, Pay and integrate directly with your invoicing system for a seemless process.
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    Fluidauto Pay is a pivotal feature within our platform that not only streamlines the payment process but also fosters trust and security among all parties involved. In our market product, where transactions occur frequently, the need for a secure and reliable payment system is paramount. Pay steps in as a solution that offers peace of mind and convenience to all stakeholders.

    One of the primary objectives of Fluidauto Pay is to establish trust within our platform. Trust is the cornerstone of any successful transaction, and our payment system is meticulously designed to instil confidence among users across our modules.